We’re serious about filming your fun event.

Planning a fun event? Whether it’s a birthday party, coming of age ceremony, anniversary, bachelor(ette) party or a corporate event, you can’t have much more of a party feel than everyone coming together to perform in their very own music video.

What’s a ‘Partyoke’? It’s kinda like karaoke, only it doesn’t matter how well you sing. Choose a song and then perform to camera – singing along, dancing or being silly – and we’ll turn hours of footage into an awesome music video. It’s just as much fun to watch as it is to make. Well, almost.

Over 150 clients can’t be wrong. We’ve filmed more partyoke and marryoke videos than anyone – and we’re better than anyone around. Our team are all professional filmmakers with experience in feature films, music videos and advertising. But they all LOVE the fun of a partyoke.

Rock your party with a fun music video

The Small Things That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

The Right People

You wouldn't want the wrong people screwing up the party...

Serious Fun People

Our fun, friendly, professional and capable shooters strike just the right balance – they won’t behave like ‘fun nazis’ but they know who, how and when to encourage people to get involved.

The Right Kit

Anyone can pick up a cheap camera and think they can film...

Cutting Edge Equipment

We have tons of cameras, lenses, lights, green screens, cranes, the works. And we know when to use it – such as the Sony A7s which has superhuman light capabilities. So we can see in the dark. Perfect for filming at night or in dark corners!

The Right Price

If you want the cheapest, you're in the wrong place...

For Any Size And Scale

If you’re looking for great value, whether your event is for a handful of friends or thousands, we’ll put together a package just for you that’ll leave you and everyone involved smiling.

Sharing vs Privacy

Who can you trust with your films?

Shy & Retiring or Exhibitionists?

Many of our clients want to broadcast their films to the entire world – we help them do that, and people love to watch. But if you want it to be ‘for your eyes only’ we have the systems and processes to do so.

Videos Everywhere!

You don't really want a DVD, do you?

Every device, every format, everywhere

We won’t just deliver a (low quality) DVD. You’ll get a choice of delivery medium – DVD, Blu-Ray, USB – as well as exporting versions for your website, Youtube, Vimeo, iPhones, iPads, Android phones… the list goes on.

Future Proof

Don't regret choosing a low resolution film

4K+ Shooting

If your videos are HD, they’re going to look seriously outdated in just a couple of years. 4k TVs are about to become the norm. HD videos are a quarter of the resolution and will look almost bad as an old Top of the Pops broadcast. It was acceptable in the 80s, but not now!

We Make Your Life Easier

Serious Fun Guarantee

Don’t take our word for it. Don’t even take our clients’ words for it. Take this word as gospel – if you are not 100% happy with your partyoke video from Serious Fun Films, we guarantee you a full refund.

Let’s Talk!

Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

Who Are Serious Fun Films?

We’re Here To Save The World From Boring Videos…

…and your event is next on our list. Our crack team of party-loving videographers (our editors would love to join in the fun if we ever let them out of our editing cells, sorry, suites) are super-experienced in all types of filmmaking:

  • Music Videos
  • Short Films
  • Feature Films
  • Corporate Training Films
  • Property & Aerial Videos
  • Live Gig Videos
  • Live Streaming
  • Wedding Videos

Whether you’re planning a raucous, booze-fuelled party or a much more restrained and classy corporate event, we will have just the right people for you. We’ll help you choose the perfect song for the occasion and guarantee you’ll have a video that perfectly reflects and enhances the atmosphere.

Skills We Use

Sensitive, Empathic Directing & Encouragement 95%
Super Responsive Trigger-Happy Filming 89%
Documentary Style Fly-On-The-Wall Filming 97%
Positive, Party Attitude 90%

Team Members

Bravo Joe

Mom, Seth’s Fiancee, Editor Supreme, Chinese But Thinks She’s French

Strengths: Annoyingly good at everything
Weaknesses: Cheese, red wine and bad music


Dad, Super Geek, Brummie

Strengths: Cinematography
Weaknesses: Anything that beeps

Mike D’Rews

Ex-TV producer, Mad-keen scuba instructor, Northern Monkey

Strengths: Directing silly routines
Weaknesses: Terrible puns

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Rock your party with a fun music video